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(ENG) Nina Witoszek, Comment on Masha Gessen’s book “The Future is History”, 2019

(ENG) Nina Witoszek and Atle Midttun et al, Nordic Model and Sustainable Modernity, March 2019.

(NO) Commentary on the developments in Poland, NRK1 TV, 24 May 2016

(NO) Commentary on the developments in Poland, Urix, NRK2 TV, 7 January 2016

(NO) Nina Witoszek, commentary on Polish elections, NRK URIX, 7 January, 2016

(ENG) Nina Witoszek and Atle Midttun: The Lazy Dawn of Ecomodernity, Oxford Media (2012)

(ENG) Nina Witoszek, Arne Næss Symposium in Global Justice and the Environment, 2015, NRK 14 November 2015

(ENG) Nina Witoszek, Arne Næss Symposium with Dalai Lama 2014, NRK, 18 October 2014

(ENG) Nina Witoszek, The Idea of Citizenship in the Age of Ecomodernity, Oslo University, Global Citizen series. 21.December 2012

(NO) Nina Witoszek, The Origins of the Regime of Goodness, Interview NRK2, April 2007

Audio / Radio

(NO) Nina Witoszek and David Sloan Wilson”Og Da fra historens skraphaug dukket Darwin” (Darwin out of the Scrapheap of history) NRK radio, Verdibørsen 7 mai 2016

(NO) Nina Witoszek og Bernt Hagtvet. Komentar ang. boken Venstreekstremisme, NRK P2, Søndagsavisa 21. 7. 2013