6 January 2020

(ENG) Witoszek, Nina. Arne Næss Seminar: “Cooperative Economy and Culture in a Competitive World:” the Case of Mondragon,”


22-23 November 2019

Witoszek, Nina “Sustainable Modernity: The Nordic Model and Beyond,” The Nordic Focus Festival, Gdańsk.

24-25 October
Arne Næss symposium, “Homo Futurus with a Thousand Faces” Old Festive Hall, Oslo University.

Austria /Vienna
21-24 October 2019
Witoszek, Nina “The Social Dynamics of Cooperation: A Semiotic Approach”, Conference at Complexity Science Hub in Vienna, 23-24 October 2019

Witoszek, Nina “Cooperation and Exiting Crisis” at  CSH Planning Workshop on the Historical Dynamics of Social Norms and Sentiments Underlying Cooperation “, Vienna, Complexity HUB, 21-22 October 2019

18 October 2019
Nina Witoszek, Organizer and Chair, The Arne Næss symposium on Global Justice and the Environment “Have We Lost the Battle for Social and Environmental Rights?” Oslo University.

15-16 October 2019
Witoszek N. organizer and presenter: “Democratizing Home” seminar at the University of Oslo.

Norway/ Kristiansand
28 -29 September 2019
Witoszek, N. “A History of Possible Futures: Forecasting Social Breakdown, Recovery and Resilience”, lecture at Climate, Culture and Conflict conference, Kristiansand.

20 September 2019

(ENG) Book Launch of “Sustainable Modernity: The Nordic Model and Beyond”, 20 September, Litteraturhuset, Oslo

18 September 2019

(ENG) Witoszek, Nina. “Have the Lost the Battle for Social and Environmental Rights?” Arne Næss Symposium, Gamle Festsal, University of Oslo, 18 September 2019.

11-12 September
Witoszek, Nina “Unwrapping the Nordic Model,” The conference inaugurating the Third Edition of Norwegian EOG funds in Poland, Warszawa, Ministry of Education. 

2-3 September 2019

Nina Witoszek, Organizer and Keynote, The Conference “Shrinking of the Civic Sphere: a Crisis of Home? The Nordics in a Comparative Perspective,” The Norwegian Institute in Rome.

9-10 July
(ENG) Witoszek, Nina “Rewolucja godnosci i jej sily napedowe” (“Revolution of Dignity and its Drivers”) Warszawa, Concilium Civitas.

22 May
Witoszek, Nina “The Nordic ‘Regime of Goodness’”: Dept. of Scandinavian Studies, Tischner European University in Kraków.

(ENG) “Nordicism”, Oxford Brookes University, 7 June 2018.

(PL) Nina Witoszek, “Blaski i cienie nordyckiego humanizmu” (Ups and Downs of Nordic humanism), Polish Science Academy, Warsaw 18 May 2018.

(ENG) Nina Witoszek, ERC workshop: “Understanding Crisis and Renewal,” international workshop at Oslo University 9-12 May 2018.

(ENG) Nina Witoszek, “Renewing Democracy in Europe,” Oslo, Nobel Institute, 21 March 2018

(ENG) Nina Witoszek, “Is there a Nordic Humanism?”, International Conference on Nordic Challenges, Helsinki, 7-9 March 2018.

(ENG) Good Life on Earth: Mission Impossible? Arne Nass Symposium in Global Justice and the Environment, Oslo University, 18 October 2017.

(ENG) Is there a Nordic Humanism? 1 June 2017, Oxford University.

(ENG) Nina Witoszek, Arne Naess Symposium, 8 September 2016, Oslo Gamle Festsallen, NRK, Kunnskapskanalen.

(ENG) Nina Witoszek: ‘Renewing the Nordic Model’, lecture at the Conference ‘Nordic-China Dialogue on the Rule of Law, Governance and Civil Society’ 12-13 October 2016, Faculty of Law, UiO, Oslo.

(ENG) Atle Midttun, Nina Witoszek and David Sloan Wilson, “Fostering Prosociality in a Competitive World”. The Norwegian Model in the Age of Globalization,” The Third WINIR Conference on Institutions and Human Behaviour 2-5 September 2016, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

(ENG) Nina Witoszek, “Staging Pathways to Ecomodernity”, Arne Naess Symposium,” 15 September 2016

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(ENG) Nina Witoszek, “The Idea of Global Citizenship in the Age of Ecomodernity,” Global Citizen series, Oslo University, 26 September 2012 

(NO) Nina Witoszek, «Homo Scandinavicus: Satans dydige jomfru?», Segersted Seminar, Dag Hammerskjöld Foundation, Våksenåsen, 22 september 2012

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(NO) Nina Witoszek, panel debate, «Burdsag for Berekraftig Utvikling,» Litteraturhuset, 24 Mai 2012

(NO) Nina Witoszek, «Det Norske Godhetsregimets Fremtid,» Vitenskapsakademi, Stavanger, 19 April 2012

(ENG) Nina Witoszek, «The Orginis of the Norwegian Regime of Goodness”, Henrik Steffens Lecture, Humboldt University, Berlin, 14 February 2012