- Sustainable Modernity: the Nordic Model and Beyond
- Special Issue of Worldviews on Deep Ecology
- Green Transition in Energy and Transport: Towards Ecomodernity
-
- Ecomodernity as a Cultural Programme: Combining Green Transition with an Educational Paradigm Shif
- “David Sloan Wilsons humanistiske biologi” in Finnes det altruisme?
- Intellektuelle som et ‘moralsk felleskap’: en glemt historie om Komiteen for Arbeideres forsvar (KOR)
-
-  Novella, The Opera for 135 KR in Site Seeing
- Irish Comic Writing
- Wild Women
-
- "Blaski i cienie nordyckiego humanizmu" (Ups and Downs of Nordic humanism), Polish Science Academy, Warsaw 18 May 2018.
- ERC workshop: "Understanding Crisis and Renewal," international workshop at Oslo University 9-12 May 2018.
- "Renewing Democracy in Europe," Oslo, Nobel Institute, 21 March 2018
-
- Member of the editorial Board of Przeglad Humanistyczny (The Humanist Review)- since December 2016
- Member of the Board of the Evolution Institute, Florida, US - since May 2016
- Member of the board of the International Children Art Museum in Oslo - since May 2016
- Director of the Arne Næss Chair in Global Justice and the Environment Oslo University
-

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