- Leonardo our contemporary?

-  Green Transition in Energy and Transport: Perpsectives on Ecomodernity
- Civil Society in the Age of Monitory Democracy
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-  Novella, The Opera for 135 KR in Site Seeing
- Irish Comic Writing
- Wild Women
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- Drømmen om tverrfaglighet
- Thatcherisme på norsk
- Norge og rikdom: forfallet lurer i bakgrunnen?
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- Communicating Ecomodernity, 28 September Oslo
- The Idea of Global Citizenship in the Age of Ecomodernity, 26 September Oslo
-  Homo Scandinavicus: Satans dydige jomfru? 22 September Oslo
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- The Origins of the Regime of Goodness, Interview NRK2
- Ansikt til Ansikt, Morten Krogvold’s portetter, NRK 
-

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